London Shakespeare Workout LSW Prison Project Diary

... And Fiona Shaw Too!

Text by Steve


Dear  Bruce & Friends


Thank you for coming  back to HMP Lowdham Grange yesterday.  It was great to see you all again, and a pleasure to meet the new faces who gave up their time for us.


What a success!  I enjoyed the workout immensely.  I just buzz from my head to my feet when I’m doing something so constructive.  There seemed to be an awful lot of people in the room.  Obviously there were some who shouldn’t have been there as it was VERY crowded.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the session as much as I did.  When you all had left I spent some time speaking to Fiona (Shaw) and enjoyed her comments.  The BBC people did the interviews and I was the last to be interviewed.  I spoke of what I’ve got out of the sessions with LSW and what learning about Shakespeare has meant to me.  I hope I’ve done you all proud.  The people from the BBC said that they all really enjoyed the session and that they felt it had been a real success.  The producer said she would let us know when it would be on TV.  


Bruce, I hope I played all my parts well.  People gave me very good comments and all my old friends from LSW and the new faces said I did really well, but I always feel that I can do better no matter how good it may seem.  Is that normal for all actors?


I hope my sonnet about Shakespeare’s Dream was worthy of the slot it took.  It really was the hardest piece of writing I’ve ever had to do.  Where do you begin?  What do you say about a man who achieved so very much?  ….


Bruce, if you’d known me two years ago you wouldn’t believe the transformation in me.  I will be 34 in July and so much has happened in my life.  One day I would like to spend some time with you and my friends from LSW and give you an insight into my life.  Feelings (normal feelings) were buried inside of me for 30 years.  All I ever knew was solitude, hatred, anger and distrust.  Now, I love other people, myself and life.  LSW has helped me to realise this.


Bruce, if there is anything I can do for you or anyone at LSW when I get out please do not hesitate in asking me, as I’d like to do all I can in repaying your faith in me.


All the best, my friend,



A pin by Fiona Shaw

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