Blacking Iago:

A Prologue

Text by Abdiel LeRoy

Love’s night is noon; An ever fixèd mark,

Two souls adrift; Both stars to wandering barks,

Villains and heroes come in every hue,

Angels and demons, saints and sinners too.

Of all the species known to tear or bite,

The most malicious beasts are clad in white.

To see a black ram tupping his white ewe,

Her father deemed that witchcraft did ensue,

She, a fresh lily, whiter than his sheet,

Winning a match in nocturnal defeat.

When, at the outset, God created man,

Setting in motion his eternal plan,

He specified that man and wife enmesh,

Vex’d not when black ‘n white became one flesh.

In measuring kingdoms, our fears oft lie stark,

No distinction’s made ‘twixt light and dark.

To make the beast with two backs was their course,

He, (Othello) likened to a slave or barbary horse,

Apart, Iago will subdue his heart – 

By drugs or magic, some forbidden art,

To spare our snow-white, alabaster skin,

The blood of every man must run red within.