London Shakespeare Workout LSW Prison Project

Building Blocks

Text by Lynn Farleigh

Dear Bruce


Thank you so much for asking me to take part in your work – I am still rather inarticulate about the experience – I hear myself sounding so smug & middle class & “lovey”.  Anyway, I’ve written this:


At the end of our session in Bullingdon Prison Bruce said ‘They may take your clothes from you but they can’t take your dreams’.  Dreams and dreaming were the theme of our afternoon.


It was my first experience of the LSW Prison Project work.  I was expecting to come away angry, sad and depressed.   Yes – I felt all that but much more.

I felt so grateful that I had been allowed to share the laughter, the energy, the concentration, the hope and the work of everyone there.  


I have never believed that prison was purely for punishment or for the protection of those of us outside.  It must give help, hope and ‘building bricks’ for the future.  It is not a foolish dream to wish every prisoner the opportunity to share times with the LSW team.  It is a vital dream.


‘What is life without a dream’?

London Shakespeare Workout LSW Prison Project

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