Text:  Paul


To Bruce:


I’m just writing to say how much I enjoyed the Shakespeare group.  I’ve been in prison some four years now and I’ve never had an opportunity to do this sort of thing.  In actual fact never in my life have I done this sort of thing.  It was as if I’d opened up another channel in my mind.


I did find it very nerve-racking being around so many people, and feel that the more you come to the prison and do these groups it will benefit prisoners.  It was good to see other prisoners that I know and see everyday expressing themselves in a way I’ve never seen before.  


Also I think that the actors that come are very good and helpful.  It’s made me look at people in a different manner altogether, and I can’t wait for your return to the prison.  I hope to be picked for the list because in the long run I feel I can benefit from this group.


Yours faithfully,