London Shakespeare Workout LSW Prison Project

Come Back

Text by Dena Tyler

Dear Bruce,


I am writing on behalf of the HMYOI Aylesbury Education Manager, to thank you and all the actors who took part in the Shakespeare Workout.


After you left, many of the young men who took part in the workshop spoke of their pleasure and appreciation of the experience.  They asked me to pass on their thanks, together with the following comments.




Pity it is a one off.


Good that people from outside the establishment are coming to prison and giving up their spare time to work with offenders.  We really appreciate this because it shows that people are trusting.


They should come back on a regular basis.


They let us bring out some hidden talents.


It made us believe in ourselves.


I really surprised myself.


All of us in the education department look forward to an early

return visit


With many thanks and kind regards.


Dena Tyler

Life Skills Co-ordinator
HMOI Aylesbury