London Shakespeare Workout LSW Prison Project

Dry Money; Human Aspiration

Text by Lord Cunliffe

Dear Bruce – if I may –


What an amazing evening you all gave us yesterday in the Clore Studio of the Royal Opera House!  It was hugely stimulating and encouraging, and really brought home the practical impact of the work that you do.  It’s too easy if one is a charity funder (rather than activist) to get a little remote from end results.  So it’s very heartening when one is invited – as you invited all of us – to see and hear what actually happens with our grants:  to see dry money turned into human aspiration.


The pub debate was terrific.  As a newcomer to this field I learnt a lot, heard some very challenging remarks from the floor, and chatted to some extremely interesting people afterwards.  The time flew.


Thank you so much – and keep at it.




Roger Cunliffe


Lord Cunliffe
Chairman, Charity Committee
The Goldsmiths’ Company


London Shakespeare Workout LSW Prison Project

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