London Shakespeare Workout LSW Prison Project

Where Giglets Rule

Text by Gregg

Dear All,


I must express my appreciation for all of you coming up and having a Shakespearean Workout with us.  I am not writing for everyone in general, but myself as a whole really enjoyed taking part.   I almost forgot where I was until I got back to my ‘room’ (cell) as one of your actors called it.  I think it is such a good thing you are doing in the prison system – and hope that you will be able to continue your good work.  


I, myself, have never acted on stage or for that matter in front of strangers.  I do not feel like you guys are strangers now.  You were all very friendly, fun to be with.  I know it may be a little bit daunting if some of your actors have never been to a prison before and if anyone was not at ease then I must say they certainly are very good actors.


I am thankful for the chance you all gave me to express my little piece of talent that up until then had not been tapped.  I’m not saying that if you’re drilling for oil, you’ll find more.   I just think that it was great fun and I’d definitely do it again.  You lot are an excellent bunch of dissembling, dizzy-eyed giglets and as you can tell from the Shakespearean Insults I mean this in the nicest possible way, or as my man Kenny would say: ‘It’s all done in the best possible taste’.


So, please, keep swinging those legs, waving your ears, banging your feet and shouting out for everyone!  We appreciate it.


Gregg xxx 

London Shakespeare Workout LSW Prison Project