London Shakespeare Workout LSW Prison Project

Investment Returns

Text by Fabian

“The production of BLACK ATLAS makes people view offenders in a different light, helping them see that these people are normal, with feelings and hearts, which is a very good thing. We get to see a return on our investment.  As the audience are so close they get to interact much more with the production and to see the expressions up-close and personal.


Drama is something that I have always wanted to be involved in: it stops inhibitions.  When you are in prison it can be the only real freedom that you experience and the only true and constructive interaction that you get with people.  It was incredibly important to me.  As a result of working with the LSW Prison Project I now have a new outlook on life.  In fact I have a career.”

Giving Back

Text by Darren

“I didn’t think of myself acting and I couldn’t ever imagine me doing this. It has changed my life and the way that I communicate. After an LSW rehearsal it makes you question your life and everything bad evades your mind.  Feeling like that gives you a brighter future; one other people can more easily relate to.


I was amazed to have employment immediately after I came out of prison.  Also I was shocked we had the same acclaim on the Blacking Iago tour as we did when we performed it in the prison.  It means so much.  I can’t tell you.  You suddenly realise that you weren’t being patronised.  Suddenly you feel free to actually trust people.  Being involved with LSW has given me so much confidence.  I love performing; I love doing workshops in prisons, schools, with my own community members – everywhere.  I want to give something back.  I will never leave it behind.  

London Shakespeare Workout LSW Prison Project