London Shakespeare Workout LSW Prison Project

Jurassic Gratitude

Text by Emily Mahon

Dear Bruce,


I just wanted to thank you for letting me sit in on the Shakespeare Workout performed in HMP Cookham Wood on the 24th October.


It was wonderful to meet such a talented group of actors, all dedicated and so friendly.  The range of different backgrounds and abilities made for a fascinating afternoon.  I was hugely impressed by the immediate welcome that the group gave to the inmates.  Each and every actor made a point of greeting and introducing themselves to all staff and inmates.


The games/tasks that were performed were not only fun (e.g., avoiding eye contact game) but also hugely informative and I felt that a lot of styles of acting were really being covered.  I specifically enjoyed the Shakespeare /Jurassic animal noise task.  No inmate seemed to feel self-conscious and everyone got wrapped up in the mood and seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves, myself included.


Please let me know if you are doing any other workouts or performances in London.  I would also love to see a copy of the video when it is convenient.  Many thanks once again and please pass on my best wishes and luck to the actors who joined you.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can offer any further advice regarding women and prisons.


Best wishes,




Emily Mahon
Prison Development Worker

Creative and Supportive Trust (CAST) Ltd.