London Shakespeare Workout LSW Prison Project

Like Xmas

Text by Anthony

To:  London Shakespeare Workout Prison Project


Dear Sirs,


With reference to your visit, I just wanted to thank you for what for me was a very enjoyable afternoon.  It was so great seeing you all.  Wow!  I can only describe the feeling of getting to Christmas morning and opening your presents and realising that you got all that you wanted and more.  That’s how it felt for me.  So, thanks for making my day.


I can’t say that I am or ever will be any sort of actor, but if the opportunity to attend another LSW Workout arises, I will.  Tuesday’s was, in fact, my second time.  Once again I got to perform some silliness only not with one girl but two!!!  The ever amazing Robyn and the stunning Steph.  OK, I admit that it was possibly a wee bit naughty, but then life’s about seizing the moment!  Right?  I would never allow myself to be in a similar love triangle in true life, so why not with song, performance or art?


Please pass my thanks to everyone who took the time and the trouble to come visit us at Bullingdon.  It was much appreciated.  A ray of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy day of prison life.


Hopefully looking forward to seeing you all again soon.


Yours faithfully,