London Shakespeare Workout LSW Prison Project Film Maker Luppings

Seeking Quality Filmmakers

In 2017 the London Shakespeare Workout (LSW) – a nationally registered Charity best known for taking Shakespeare into UK and international prisons – created the new word LUP (‘to bring disparate bodies together in hope’) in celebration of its 20th anniversary. 


We now seek to foster a collection of Luppings (‘acts of literate good faith’); an on-going series of verses written inside (i.e., by prisoners) and given in honour – and via the inspiration – of the Bard himself.  Each verse will be etched by a different noted performer (who, where they don’t self-film in line with Covid restrictions, will select / certainly input on the location / time) and be filmed by a different rising film maker.  

We seek people with practical experience in filmmaking who have their own camera / editing equipment.  No film will exceed three minutes and this endeavour should not be an extensive time commitment.  Any filming will be expected to follow the most stringent Covid guidelines (wearing of masks for filmmaker and his /  her volunteer crew if any, maintaining strict social distancing, etc.).  Examples of earlier such LSW outings can be seen as performed by Juliet Stevenson here and Sir Kenneth Branagh here


The final films – without question the artistic constructs of the filmmakers themselves – could be resident either (i) on the filmmaker’s own or (ii) LSW’s Vimeo account or other such – with a dedicated link placed under the soon-to-be-realised ‘Luppings’ banner on LSW’s website.  (A proforma is here.)  


It is our hope that these links will grant meaningful succour not only to the family / friends of the poets/Luppers (‘people who give back through verse’) but also aid as a practical tool to promote confidence for ALL when viewed by potential future employers / residential landlords upon their release. It is also our sincere desire that such might serve as a vital promotional tool for the filmmakers themselves.  We also hope that these films might provide a meaningful credit for the filmakers as well.  Why?  ‘Cos we all need things to help set us apart.


The final opening narrative paragraph on the Luppings’ page will read:


“We are most grateful to the noted performers and, where apt, rising filmmakers who have voluntarily aided in seeing these aims realised. We earnestly thank you for helping to dramatically advocate that sense of ‘community’ so profoundly lionised throughout Shakespeare’s canon. You ‘ARE such stuff as DREAMS are made ON’.”


Interested filmmakers should send their professional site address or a cv and link to their showreel to: FAO LSW’s Executive Director, Dr Bruce Wall or via the LSW website’s contact page, link here.  Any questions can be additionally be sent through those same.  


Thank you.