London Shakespeare Workout LSW Prison Project


Having created the word LUP (‘to bring disparate bodies together in hope’) in 2017 in celebration of the London Shakespeare Workout (LSW)’s 20th anniversary, we now share with you a collection of LUPPINGS (‘acts of literate good faith’), a series of verses written inside and given in honour – and via the inspiration – of the Bard himself. 


As we go forward we pray these links might grant meaningful succour not only to the family / friends of the poets / LUPPERS (‘people who give back through verse’) but also aid as a practical tool to promote confidence when viewed by potential future employers / residential landlords upon their release. Why?  ‘Cos we all need something to help set us apart.


We are most grateful to the noted performers and, where apt, rising filmmakers who have voluntarily joined together to see these aims realised. We earnestly thank you for helping to dramatically advocate by virtue of that sense of ‘community’ so profoundly lionised throughout Shakespeare’s canon. 


You ‘ARE such stuff as DREAMS are made ON’.

A Mother Smiles

Text by Clare

Performed by

Juliet Stevenson

Film by

Jamie Riordan

Chosen Line / Lupping Inspiration: This is an original verse written in an LSW session focusing on mother / daughter relationships such as are  featured in Lorca’s ‘The House of Bernarda Alba’.   

Luppings - London Shakespeare Workout LSW Prison Project

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