London Shakespeare Workout LSW Prison Project

Need to Scribble

Text by Stephanie Street

Dear Bruce,


I’m fresh in from Cambridge but I feel the need to scribble these thoughts down to you before they lose all semblance of clarity or, worse, vanish into the ether entirely.


I feel an unashamed degree of pride in what we do and what we did tonight.  Martha Graham is right in saying no artist is ever satisfied – but this evening was the nearest I have ever felt to a sense of achievement in my acting ‘life’.  As with last week the discussion made it for me this evening.  I think we went round and round in circles discursively because there was one bone-hard fact that could not be debated:  the fact that what we, as artists, are doing is unquestionably right and good.  But every step I take with LSW – from talking with the guys inside, to seeing Paul Gregory (ex-offender) outside and watching Paul Malcolm (ex-offender) in action, to hearing what Trevor (Williams, Director, Criminal Policy Division – Home Office) and Nikki (Crane, Director of Social and Economic Contexts, Arts Council of England) had to say tonight has taught me more than ten degrees at Cambridge could.


Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this extraordinary venture.


All love,



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