Over the Moon

Text by Anne Stephens

Dear Bruce


Many thanks for the video you sent me.  Much of what is portrayed there was what you presented in the workshop at Holloway ten days ago, which gave such pleasure to the women who attended.


As I told you on the telephone, I went round Holloway after your visit and spoke to a number of the women to get a bit of feedback for you.  The following are some of the comments that were given to me:

Over the moon

Never felt as good as I felt after that

Something new and fresh

They were good people – there on everybody’s level

Made me, a 40 year old, want to go home and get involved in drama


Kept us occupied.  Got everyone to join in

It’s alright (I should explain that this came from a very quietly spoken and shy black woman and was definitely said by way of a compliment)

Made us happy

Wish it could be every week

Are they coming back again?

Felt a bit down that day but I went away feeling much better and it made my weekend

Really, really good.

So, as you can read, the response was overwhelmingly positive and appreciative.  


For many of them it was their first involvement with a drama workshop and they would most definitely relish a return visit.  And although I was cradling a baby for much of the time, I, too, thoroughly enjoyed the session.  


It’s tough being in prison and particularly not easy when regimes are limited as a result of staff shortages.  You and your fellow actors were so good at welcoming each one of us and getting each person to engage bit by bit with what was going on.  


It was a very stimulating couple of hours and I think we all went away with our horizons stretched a little.  


Many thanks to you all.


All best wishes,


Anne Stephens

Board of Visitors
HMP Holloway


London Shakespeare Workout LSW Prison Project