London Shakespeare Workout LSW Prison Project

Physical Geography

Text by Ross

Dear London Shakespeare Workout Team,


Thank you for a wonderful afternoon in sharing with me an experience which was delivered in exquisite proportions.  Firstly, I would like to admit my thoughts on first impressions.  That is:  I was in the wrong class.  I honestly had no idea one was to participate in any form of actual physical geography.  But once the initial shock had subsided, my mouth closed, flies swallowed, I sensed the atmosphere within your team of a great afternoon.


I would also like to add, because I have but eight weeks remaining, that the memory of this day will always be in my heart as a special one.  I’m not very good with names, but to all of you who came to Highdown prison, I thank you.  You brought many a smile to so many faces and a conversation that existed late into the night.  


Please continue the good work that you do.  There were many more that would have loved to have been there, and disappointed that they couldn’t be.  I’ve spread the word as best I could, but explained in person that they would best be served feeling the experience for themselves.


Highdown would welcome you back in the near future; the sooner the better I’ve heard on the house-blocks.




London Shakespeare Workout LSW Prison Project