London Shakespeare Workout LSW Prison Project


Text by Kier Shiels

Dear Bruce,


Thank you very much for giving me the privilege to be involved with the London Shakespeare Workout. I have had such an amazing time working with everyone who took part in the Cambridge project. For me, it has been a moving and almost disturbingly life-changing experience. I now understand why you always refer to it as ‘the dream that is LSW’.


The performance was immensely enjoyable and the discussion afterwards was a great forum to air our views in the company of people who really can make a difference.


The purpose of LSW is to teach people how much they have to offer and how they can try and change things for the better: I never realised that I would come to perform VOICES and undergo the same transformation myself. I now realise that I can help, in a little way, to improve the lives of so many others.


Hope to hear from you soon,


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