With Ryhme & Reason

Text:  Beverley Baillie


On the seventh of November we returned
To Woodhill, Milton Keynes’ jail.
The train was empty, so our parts we learned
For Chastity Belt’s lewd and bawdy tale.


On our arrival some of us were stopped
Because our names weren’t on the clearance list
But after more enquiries, charges dropped
And we were all permitted to persist.


The‘customs gate’-style checks and body search
Provided a stern welcome to our group.
The irony is that it’s harder – much –
To make an entrance here, than fly the coop*


*Please note this just applies to visitors
The inmates there have no such get-out clause!


After a hearty lunch we then began

Our afternoon of celebrating Will.
Participants were welcomed, to a man,
Together we filled up their ‘time to kill’.


The rhythm games, the observation tests
Helped break the ice and warmed them up quite fast.
I think ‘Shakespearean Insults’ went down best –
And Barry Morse’s insights of the past.


But the part that really stood out in my eyes
Was ‘Witslings’, even ‘though they found it hard –
Each one put down their efforts as “poor tries” –
But every one of them became a bard.      


The heartfelt sentiments were clearly heard

And thus we felt the power of the word.